ColVis Experiment


ColVis is an academic study linked to the premDAT platform. It focus on colaborative analysis of data visualizations. The Human-IST Institute leads the study and aims to understand the type of annotations left by analysts during the collaborative analysis of a data visualization. A framework to classify annotations has been previously developed by the Institute and will be used as a basis to that end.

Course of the experiment

The experiment is split into two parts of one week each.


Before the first actual week starts, participants should enter their characters in premDAT. Depending on the number of participants and characters, a selection of each participant's submissions will be selected to be displayed on the graph. More about this part in this article.

 Part 1

During the first week, participants will be able to analyse the visualization and leave annotations with their observations and insights. For the duration of the week, only their annotations will be visible.

Part 2

During the second week, participants will be able to see others' annotations and reply to them, in addition to add new annotations.